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The CLA Projects

Legal Aid Clinic Pretoria

The Pretoria Legal Aid Clinic of the Christian Lawyers Association was started in 1995. This was done in collaboration with Tshwane Leadership Foundation. The Clinic is located in their offices in Burgerspark Lane in downtown Pretoria and the service is provided on a weekly basis, on Tuesday afternoons at 17:00.

The bulk of the cases comprise domestic problems, labour matters and contracts of various kinds. We strive to help people who cannot afford legal services.

Advocates International Global Task Force (GTF) on Rule of Law & Integrity

Encouraging and enabling lawyers, law professors, students in law and professional advocates to meet locally, organize nationally, cooperate regionally and link globally with an aim to promote Justice, Rule of law, religious freedom, reconciliation and integrity. Board member Mike Tshishonga is the South African delegate of Advocates International’s task force on rule of law and integrity.

This task force made a study of the state of corruption in African countries and ways to deal with corruption are being explored. Mike’s knowledge on the subject was put in a report and special focus was given to what the Bible has to say about it and how we can implement the guidance the Bible gives us on the subject. Mike’s book, The Whistleblower, is being used in the African continent to encourage people to take a stand against corruption and bad governance.

Charter for Religious Rights & Freedom

The South African Charter of Religious Rights and Freedoms is a charter of rights, drawn up by South African religious and civil organisations which is intended to define the religious freedoms, rights and responsibilities of South African citizens.

The aim of the drafters of the Charter is for it to be approved by Parliament in terms of section 234 of the Constitution of South Africa.

Adv Reg Willis (Chairman) is part of the Steering Committee