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The Christian Lawyer and Biblical Mediation

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

Mediation has gained ground as an alternative mechanism for conflict resolution during the past two or three decades. In recent years this has been developed further on Biblical grounds to present this generation of Christians, and in particular Christian lawyers with training in the principles of Biblical dispute resolution.

Religion, Legal Scholarship and Christianity

Is Plato the father of philosophy of law? Did the 17th century philosopher, John Locke, bring about the idea of human rights? Were the traditional religions, such as Christianity, truly the cause of wars, and did the religion of secularism truly provide a solution to violence? Must we believe that same-sex-marriages, sodomy and abortion are acceptable because legislation and the courts say so? Should the law be separate from morality? Is the lawyer absolutely bound to the client’s interest and not to the precepts of a higher law? Where does the law come from? From which source do norms receive their validity from?

Prostitution Should Remain Illegal in South Africa

Submission in Response to the SA Law Reform Commission’s Discussion Paper on Adult Prostitution

In response to the South African Law Reform Commissions (SALRC) questionnaire on Adult Prostitution, the Christian Lawyers Association of South Africa, herein after referred to as CLA, proposes the following policy option;

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