If you have a passion for any of our current projects, and you want to get involved, kindly send us an email to marynaj@christianlawyers.co.za

Objectives of the Christian Lawyers Association

  1. To share the Christian faith amongst the legal profession.
  2. To encourage members of the profession to develop and apply Biblical Christian worldview in their work and in society.
  3. To influence lawyers and the law in favour of Judeo-Christian values.
  4. To promote Judeo-Christian ethics by any lawful and proper action either through the courts, through the media, by way of bringing to bear influence on parliament, or in any way the Board deems to be appropriate.

Legal Aid Clinic

The Pretoria Legal Aid Clinic of the Christian Lawyers Association was started in 1995. This was done in collaboration with Tshwane Leadership Foundation. The Clinic is located in their offices in Burgerspark Lane in downtown Pretoria and the service is provided on a weekly basis, on Tuesday afternoons at 17:00.

The bulk of the cases comprise domestic problems, labour matters and contracts of various kinds. We strive to help people who cannot afford legal services.

Legal Scholarship Program in South Africa

In contemporary South Africa (and Africa) there is a serious need for substantial Christian intellectual capacity in the law, especially taking into consideration that (i) there is a concerted effort to separate metaphysics from the law, and (ii) there is a development of a new “trans-modernist” set of values, being thoroughly postmodernist and skeptical of moral absolutes.

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