If you have a passion for any of our current projects, and you want to get involved, kindly send us an email to marynaj@christianlawyers.co.za

SA PEACEMAKERS Reconciling South Africa

We are pleased to announce that this project is up and running and that our vice- chairman, Albert van Zyl, already had positive feedback from Christians to be part of this initiative. The South African part of this organisation will be called SA Peacemakers and the slogan Reconciling South Africa. We need every CLA member to promote this project and to invite their churches to introduce this project within their community. For more information please contact marynaj@christianlawyers.co.za

Student Retreat

The CLA organizes a student retreat every year for Christian law students. This year we plan it for 28 November - 1 December 2013. Adv. Andrew Duminy was kind enough to make his farm available for this event. The only costs to the students will be travelling. Adv. Duminy can host 20 students. If you are interested to attend, contact us as soon as possible so that we can finalize the arrangements.


Die Centurion Predikante Forum (CPF) nooi u hartlik uit na ‘n dinee vir die regslui van Suid-Afrika saam met verskeie prominente kerkleiers en senior predikante. Die tema van die aand is: “Hoe regeer jy....soos ‘n president, regter, advokaat, besturende direkteur....of volgens Sy Woord as ‘n koning”. Die volgende sprekers gaan kortliks ‘n bydrae lewer:

• Regter Willem Heath – Suid Afrika se attribute en uniekheid.......Immigreer of bly in SA?......Is God geken in die saak?......Hoe regeer jy oor sulke uitdagings?

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