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Whistleblower, The Mike Tshishonga Story

“Whistleblower, The Mike Tshishonga Story”, written by Lesedi Kuende, tells the story Mike Tshishonga, former deputy director-general of justice, and his courageous fight against and subsequent exposure of corruption in the liquidations industry as well as the South African justice system itself.

In this life, true heroes are hard to find and if we meet them, we need to listen.

Mike Tshishonga's long fight against corruption, already well-documented in the media, is a milestone in South African history. His unwillingness to yield to the pressures exerted upon him by his corrupt peers, colleagues and even his superiors opened the door for other whistleblowers to stand up and speak out about the corruption around them.

Mike's story is an inspiring tale, spanning a lifetime and shares with the reader the difficult decisions that defined his life and the wisdoms he learned on his journey.

The book paints a clear picture of the workings and implications of the Protected Disclosures Act – and how it can protect whistleblowers who want to “make like Mike” and blow the whistle on corruption. It also contains Mike's arguments on why the proposed Protection of Information Bill, and the widely-publicised proposed Media Tribunal, would make it almost impossible for potential whistleblowers to expose corruption.

Whistleblower is a story that will resonate with every citizen living in a country where corruption is rampant. It is, in essence, the story of one of South Africa's first true whistleblowers and the enormous challenges he overcame, including revelations and details never before published.