If you have a passion for any of our current projects, and you want to get involved, kindly send us an email to marynaj@christianlawyers.co.za

Objectives of the Christian Lawyers Association

  1. To share the Christian faith amongst the legal profession.
  2. To encourage members of the profession to develop and apply Biblical Christian worldview in their work and in society.
  3. To influence lawyers and the law in favour of Judeo-Christian values.
  4. To promote Judeo-Christian ethics by any lawful and proper action either through the courts, through the media, by way of bringing to bear influence on parliament, or in any way the Board deems to be appropriate.
  5. To encourage the appointment of Christian judges, magistrates and other legal officials.
  6. To provide support, financially or in any other way, for
  7. To offer Christian fellowship, support and counselling to members of the profession.
  8. To provide legal advice and support to those unable to afford legal fees and to organizations and churches that are in sympathy with the objectives of the CLA.
  9. To solicit and receive donations from within South Africa, or from outside for the work of the CLA or in furtherance of any of the objectives of the CLA or any project arising out of such objectives.
  10. To establish relationships with similar Christian legal organizations beyond the borders of South Africa.