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Legal Scholarship Program in South Africa

In contemporary South Africa (and Africa) there is a serious need for substantial Christian intellectual capacity in the law, especially taking into consideration that (i) there is a concerted effort to separate metaphysics from the law, and (ii) there is a development of a new “trans-modernist” set of values, being thoroughly postmodernist and skeptical of moral absolutes.

Christian law students in South Africa are not receiving the necessary legal knowledge that is required for the effective development of a Biblically orientated mind. No science is based on neutral axioms, especially a normative subject such as the law. The Christian legal student is subtly led astray by being exposed to a limited view of the moral spectrum, giving rise to a prominent weakness in the South African Christian legal profession.

It is in this regard that the Christian Lawyers Association of South Africa, in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, is playing an integral part in the establishment and administration of a South African Christian Legal Fellowship program. In the program a selected group of legal scholars from South Africa (and even Africa) are educated in a truly biblical view and application of the law.

In December 2008 the program was presented to educate participants about topics related to the foundational aspects pertaining to the law, the interplay between worldview and the law, legal philosophy and application, the legal profession, as well as freedom of religion and the South African Constitution, from a Christian point of view. It was attended by:

  • Highly motivated and committed law or theology students (at 3rd & 4th year undergraduate level, as well as post-graduate students)
  • Members of the legal profession
  • Theologians

The CLA recognizes that balanced Christian input from the legal profession is imperative for nation building and the alleviating of suffering in South Africa and Africa. Amongst its other ministries, the organisation seeks to engage law students in Christian and ethical thinking. This is an important step in empowering them to fulfill their calling in whatever sphere of the legal arena they find themselves, once they complete their training.

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