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CLA Strategy on Student Chapters

Empowering future Christian Lawyers to stand for Biblical Values, Truth and Justice

The Christian Lawyers Association recognizes the importance of investing in the development of strong and vibrant student chapters. The Board has is convinced that to secure the future, the leaders of tomorrow need to be developed. For this reason specific attention has been given to the development of student leaders and student chapters on several of the university campuses in South Africa. While this work is still relatively new, the engagement of the students has been encouraging and the possibilities for the future are many.

The focus of the student chapters is to expose Christian legal scholars to a biblical worldview of law, and provide a forum for students to engage in dialogue that focuses on a biblical philosophy of law. The objective being, to prepare future Christian lawyers to actively engage in the profession as people of conviction, with a value system that will stand to serve a biblical standard of truth and justice in the nation.

The CLA has adopted a strategy of engaging its members who are university lecturers to oversee the student chapters and give support to the student work as far as possible. The Legal Scholarship Program was a proposal that emerged out of such a relationship at the University of the Free State.

In 2006 the first ever Students Retreat was hosted by the CLA with a view to consolidating the vision and mission of the student chapters. This work is ongoing and it is envisaged that ultimately two student retreats will be hosted each year as a means to promote and develop the work amongst the students.